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Goodal Green Tangerine
Vitamin C Eye Cream

$ 24.00

  • [INTENSIVE EYE SKINCARE] Hone in on all your dark circles, crows feet, and puffiness with an intense, creamy formula made for the skin around your eyes.

    [BYE BYE DARK CIRCLES IN 4 WEEKS] In a clinical study, 85.7% of subjects saw reduced dark circles starting at 4 weeks. Our combination of vitamin C, vitamin P, and green tangerine extract works together to clear up and revitalize the skin around your eyes for noticeable results.

    [IMPROVE SKIN ELASTICITY AT THE SAME TIME] Our formula adds adenosine and peptide ingredients to boost elasticity and help tackle fine lines while brightening up your complexion. Achieve more radiant and firmer skin around your eyes.

    [GENTLE, NON-IRRITATING, AND FRAGRANCE-FREE] Goodal’s Green Tangerine Eye Cream is a specially designed, fragrance-free formula to minimize irritation to the skin around your eyes, Made without irritants and harmful ingredients like parabens, triclosan, artificial colorants, formaldehyde, oxybenzone, and alcohol, it’s a gentle formula that can be used anytime.

    [BETTER TOGETHER] See enhanced results by pairing up with other products in our Vita C line.