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Goodal Apple AHA
Clearing Toner

$ 18.00

  • - CLARIFY YOUR SKIN WITH A GENTLE TONER: It’s important to regularly clear your skin from pollutants and rescue it from environmental stressors because they damage our skin and expedite aging. Our gentle Apple AHA Clearing Toner can be used daily to clean up dead skin cells, help fight visible blemishes, reduce the look of pores, and improve the look of skin texture and radiance. Wipe away your skin concerns!

    - PREP YOUR SKIN FOR YOUR ROUTINE: As a first step to clean and clear skin, use this as a daily toner to tidy up dead skin cells and other remaining impurities after washing your face. Experience the moisturizing texture that absorbs quickly into your skin upon application. The light texture works great all year round. It’s the perfect first step to prep for your skin care routine.

    - NATURAL AHA FROM REAL APPLES: The malic acids from Jonathan Apples and our low dose of AHA (0.1%) not only exfoliates, but also reduces the size of enlarged pores and soothes inflamed skin. All without irritations!

    - SAFE FORMULA FOR GENTLE PEELING: Our Apple AHA Clearing Toner offers the safest formula by using natural acids derived from real apples and low dosages of AHA to suit all skin types. Our toner is certified as non-irritating and gentle enough for both AM and PM use.

    - BETTER TOGETHER: See enhanced results by pairing up with other products in our Apple AHA Clearing line.